Yeast, Salt & Light As A Chosen People and A Royal Priesthood


Now that you have studied and digested the solids in the Bible (Heb 5:12) with regard to your talents (Mat 25:14-30), your gifts in the Spirit (Rom 12, 1 Cor 12, Eph 4, 1 Tim 4:14, 1 Pet 4:10), and have prayerfully come to a better understanding of your calling in Christ (Eph 4: 11-12), your personal ministry (John 15: 16-17) and your (Mat 28:18-20) missions task (whether to give, encourage, support, partner, finance, train, equip or to Go!), – you now need to glorify God by yeasting into your home, cell group, congregation, community and into the world.

You have prayerfully determined whether you should serve and minister in “Jerusalem” (home town), or Judea (environs), or Samaria (the continent) or the ends of the earth (ref. Acts 1:8), and practically you figured out whether you should minister part time, full time, after hours or as a tentmaker (50% work for income, and 50% of your time going towards Christian ministry work).

You have also duly considered and prayed through your motives (1 Pet 5:2-5, James 3:17, James 4:3), and have come to realize that the meetings of the saints (whether at “church” or at a home cell) should not be neglected (Heb 10:24-25).

Congratulations, you have grown to a level of spiritual maturity and faith in action (fruit that last) – whilst remaining in the vine.

Please consider some of the following options and start yeasting as a change agent for Christ Jesus in your environment, and in the world:

1. Start a community action group for business men or women. (1 Cor 10:33(b)).

2. Lead a spiritual-growth group (2 Tim2:2).

3. Lead a home-cell (1 Thes 4:12).

4. Serve in your local congregation (1 Pet 5:2-4).

5. Teach and encourage others to help accelerate the work of the church (1 Tim 4:14-16).

6. Find an opportunity to serve and minister in a nearby disadvantaged community (1 Pet 4:10, Heb 10:24).

7. Become a Sunday School teacher (remaining mindful of James 3:1).

8. Be a voice for Christian values and Biblical standards. Write letters to challenge and help change government/ society/ social ills. (Col 4:5-6).

9. Start a social/ tea gatehring once a week for ladies from a disadvantaged community (2 Cor 9:12-13).

10. Live and shine brightly in example inside and outside the home (James 4:17).

11. Go and pray once a week at a prison, with teachers during break time, at the local hospital/ hospice, at the local police station with those officers on shift, at the local emergency services department, at a small business premises nearby … Jesus prayed for us (Joh 17:20).

12. Join a short outreach into Africa (Mark 10:29-30).

13. Partner in prayer and finance or provision with a church worker, mission agency or a missionary (James 2:17, 3 John:5-8).

14. If you are a younger person or high school/ college graduate, – with a heart on fire for the Lord Jesus Christ, – start a “boiler room” for 24 hour prayer, form a volunteer community service group, testify at youth meetings, start youth and Christian music events, volunteer to help man a 24 hr Christian Coffee Bar, study and promote world outreach – and have good, clean fun in the joy of salvation. Your Redeemer lives!

May the Kingdom of God come on this earth, as it is in heaven, through your obedience. Do not give up doing good, for you will be rewarded (Gal 6:9-10). What we do not do does impact God’s Kingdom.

For further information on developing your personal ministry, please do not hesitate to contact:

Johan & Marí Meintjes

El-Shaddai Projects International &

About the Author

Abraham is a current student of Ministry Development, and serves as a full time Church Worker in Africa mission. The chief focus of the author’s work rests on contributing towards regional stability and hope in Jesus Christ for Central and Southern Africa


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