Earned Income Ventures

Earned Income Ventures:
A New Way to More Money to Fulfill Your Mission

The U.S. Department of Labor Center for Faith-Based and Community
Initiatives (CFBCI)  is proud to present this conference call on how
non-profits can create earned income ventures to fund their non-profit
community and faith-based organizations.  According to the most recent
IRS data, nonprofits generated $4.2 billion in one year from outside
business dealings. A new study funded by the Pew Charitable Trusts
further finds that faith-based organizations engaged in earned-income
venturing are better funded; 45% report annual budgets over $2 million,
while 62% of the “non-venturing but interested” report annual budgets of
$350,000 or less. Many non-profits have discovered that they can use
earned incomes ventures for two purposes: they can obtain money for the
non-profit and also use the company to provide on-the-job training to
their clientele. 

CFBCI will be offering a three part series on Earned Income Ventures. 

Date: March 5th, 2007
Time: 4:00 pm EST

Session I (March 5) :  
Introducing Earned-Income Venturing: The Art of Making Money for Your

*     What is earned-income venturing and who’s doing it?
*     Why is venturing becoming a more popular form of fundraising?
*     What types of earned-income ventures are common for faith-based and community organizations?
*     Is earned-income venturing a viable fundraising option for your organization?
*     Where can I find more information and assistance for earned-income venturing? 


To join the conference by telephone:
(1) Dial 1-888-272-7337
(2) The Conference ID is 9374281
(3) Follow prompts until in. 

To join by internet (to view the PowerPoint and listen online):
(1) Go to http://www.raindance.com http://www.raindance.com/
(2) Click on “Join A Call/Meeting” (on the top right side of the screen)
(3) Scroll to “Reservationless Conferencing” and follow the prompts for
“Join A Call” by entering your name, email address and the Conference ID. The Conference ID is: 9374281.
(4) Click “Join Call.”

*** The phone line can only accommodate 75 participants. However the web participation is unlimited and you will be able to listen to the conference call through your computer. 


Erica Pelman, Special Assistant, USDOL CFBCI

Bernice Sanders Smoot, Saint Wall Street
Bernice Sanders Smoot is a former corporate-marketing executive who’s helped increase support for nonprofit and faith-based organizations since 1993. One of her first nonprofit earned-income projects, HomeFree USA, is now 12 years old, has a seven-figure budget, a staff of 32, and 25 affiliates across America. Ms. Smoot’s firm, Saint Wall Street, helps
grow support for faith-based organizations and brokers mutually
rewarding partnerships between faith-based and secular service providers. 

Joe Shattan, Director, SBA Center for Faith-Based and Community Initiatives Joe Shattan serves as the Director for the Center for Faith-Based and Community at the Small Business Administration. His commitment is to help faith-based and community organization understand how they can work with SBA programs. 

Session II (March 12, 4:00 PM EST):  Earned-Income Models & Best Practices for Faith-based and Community Ventures:

*     A look at proven models, large and small, exploring how they started, how they serve and how they prosper
*     Interviews with leaders of successful faith-based and community ventures that are strengthening workforce development
*     Candid discussion and downloadable forms to assess your organization’s capacity and readiness for earned-income development

Session III (March 19, 4:00 PM EST):  How-to Steps for Starting Your Earned-Income Venture

*     Assessing Feasibility
*     Developing a Business Plan
*     Securing Capitalization


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