Viacom Displays Filth, Again

Viacom Once Again Displays its Anti-Christian Position The Timothy Plan Mutual Fund Group Condemns Upcoming Show

MAITLAND, Fl., Mar. 8 /Christian Newswire/ — Comedy Central, a wholly- owned division of MTV Networks, whose parent company is New York based VIACOM, preparing to rebroadcast the ‘Naughty hottie’ episode of the “Sarah Silverman Program” tonight at 10:30pm EST, 7.html has drawn the ire of America’s Pro-Life/Pro- Family Mutual Fund Group – the Timothy Plan.

“To air, and rebroadcast a program, comedy or not, that depicts the main character having sex with God brings VIACOM’s anti-Christian vitriol to an all time low”, said Arthur Ally, president of the Timothy Plan.

“Christians and culturally conservative Americans alike should be appalled by the sheer blatancy of this heresy”, he continues.

Ally states that the Timothy Plan fund family, which began operations in April of 1994, “exists to allow concerned investors to match their moral convictions with their investment decisions.”

The Timothy Plan avoids investing in companies that profit from or support things like pornography, abortion, non-married lifestyles, anti-family entertainment, as well as companies involved in promoting issues contrary the teachings of the Bible.

VIACOM, brands, include BET, Famous Music, MTV Networks – MTV, VH1, Nickelodeon, Nick at Nite, Comedy Central, CMT: Country Music Television, Spike TV, TV Land and more than 120 networks around the world – including Paramount Pictures and Paramount Home Entertainment.

Ally contends, “Anyone with any semblance of basic Judeo Christian values should find this type of programming offensive, I would challenge them to consider divesting from VIACOM stock, whether they hold it directly or through a mutual fund investment, send a letter to the president of the company and explain why they are no longer going to profit from and support his organization”.

An estimated 29,000 shareholders invest in one or more of the Timothy Plan funds. The fund has over ½ billion dollars under management.

Editors: For additional information or interview requests, please contact Stephen Ally at the Timothy Plan 800-846-7526 or email

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