The Lord Is My Shepherd, that’s all I need to know.

Author Offers 7 Positions for Soaring to New Heights ENUMCLAW, Wash., Mar. 9 /Christian Newswire/ — In our every day lives we assume a variety of positions in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. We’d become stiff and immobile if we did nothing but lie down all day, yet if we tried running all the time we’d become exhausted. Author Stephen Kellison, Jr. demonstrates through scripture that there are 7 positions that a Christian must assume in order allow God to be our shepherd. Each one is important to proper spiritual health. In his book new “To Soar to New Heights” he discusses the importance of each of the following positions:

1. Lying down for spiritual rest
2. Sitting for instruction
3. Standing for truth
4. Walking for fellowship
5. Running for progress
6. Reaching for joy
7. Trusting to soar to new heights

Kellison explains that there is only one small difference between a spiritual giant and a spiritual midget—a giant takes time to acquire knowledge from the Lord and listens to the Lord’s guidance. In a quick read, Kellison lays the foundation for how a person can go from the muddy fields of despair to soaring on eagles’ wings, and using the winds of life to lift us up higher. Through numerous scriptures he teaches characteristics about each of these seven positions, providing encouragement that everyone willing to give up their life to God can live life on a higher level. or your \nlocal book store.\n

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To schedule an interview with Stephen Kellison please contact Abigail Davidson at 360-802-9758.

“To Soar to New Heights” can be purchased by calling toll free 1-877-421-7323, through or your local book store.

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