“His Purpose for Me” by Gene Ling

A Life of Adoption, Abuse, Recovery, Salvation and Reunion ENUMCLAW, Wash., Mar. 13 /Christian Newswire/ — With a testimony of God’s sovereign hand, author Gene Ling shares his life story in an inspirational, autobiography “His Purpose for Me” [Pleasant Word, 2006].

After losing their mother to pneumonia at the age of two, Gene Ling and his twin sister Judy were tossed into the arms of an adoptive family. Soon their new mother left the marriage because of abuse and the children were left in the custody of their adoptive father. Now facing the affects of abuse, the children hear nothing from their mother.

Gene’s anger and rebellion give way to love and forgiveness for his abusers when Christ takes hold of his life. He finds the strength to witness to the ones who’ve caused him pain. After fifty years of separation from their loved ones, Gene and his sister reunite with both their biological and adoptive family. In a fascinating story, Gene’s life demonstrates how the Lord can orchestrate events in our lives for His purpose and glory.

“His Purpose for Me is a detailed look at Gene’s journey from pain, neglect, and loneliness to finding meaning, love, and his true family. His life story is both heartbreaking and encouraging as he discovers a God who loves him, and a family who has deeply missed him,” says Pastor Matt Mancini of Heritage Presbyterian Church.

To schedule an interview contact Abigail Davidson at 360-802-9758.

“His Purpose for Me” is available by calling toll-free 1- 877-421-READ (7323) or through www.pleasantwordbooks.com or your local bookstore.

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