Mandatory HPV Vaccine Put On Hold by Author

Mandatory HPV Vaccine Put On Hold by Author First Committee Hearing Results in Victory for Parental Rights

SACRAMENTO, Mar. 13 /Christian Newswire/ — Following a spirited committee hearing, the author of the controversial HPV vaccination bill has placed the bill “on hold.” After a lively debate in which opponents and legislators expressed concerns over several aspects of the legislation, Assemblyman Ed Hernandez realized that he did not have the votes to pass the Assembly Health Committee.

“We are ecstatic about this victory for parental rights,” stated Karen England, Executive Director of Capitol Resource Institute. “The members of the committee recognized that this legislation has several questionable provisions, including the fact that parental authority is ignored.”

Several members of the Assembly Health Committee questioned supporters and opponents about this highly controversial legislation. Assemblywoman Audra Strickland took a bold stance for parents by questioning the author about the lack of parental notification. It was obvious during Strickland’s cross examination that Hernandez did not have answers to the many important questions presented. When asked, Hernandez could not explain how parents may “opt-out” of this forced vaccination. Assemblymen Ted Gaines and Bob Huff also stated their concerns about the fact that parental notification and consent are missing from a law that would mandate a controversial STD vaccination. Huff stated that although the vaccine is a “great medical breakthrough”, parents must be aware that they can opt-out of the requirement if they oppose the vaccination.

After testifying against AB 16 in the committee hearing, CRI’s Legislative Liaison Meredith Turney commented, “We are thrilled that the bill has been placed on hold. The author has hopefully realized that this legislation tramples on parental rights. And we hope that the author will now amend the bill to make these controversial vaccines an option, not a mandate.”

“We were particularly encouraged that in response to our e-mail alert, one CRI-supporting family showed up at the committee hearing and testified against AB 16,” stated England. “We cannot emphasize enough the power of the average citizen to influence lawmakers. There will be more opportunities in the coming weeks and months for our supporters to attend such hearings and we hope that they choose to voice their opinions.”

CRI urges our supporters to keep calling their legislators and ask them to oppose AB 16.

This bill will probably be heard in committee next month. CRI will keep you informed of any amendments or other activities as this legislation goes through the amendment process.

Read AB 16

Read CRI’s Opposition Letter

See CRI’s Karen England’s interview with Sacramento’s News 10.

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