Website Enables Virtual Volunteering and Missionaries

Website Enables Virtual Volunteering and Virtual Missionaries MEDIA ADVISORY, Mar. 13 /Christian Newswire/ — TechMission has launched a new free Virtual Volunteering and Missions service through its Website. This service enables anyone to volunteer from home via computer or telephone and assist churches and community organizations in serving low-income communities. Some of the opportunities include: accounting, graphic designing, computer programming, grant writing, language translation, legal support, prayer and online tutoring.

Virtual Volunteering has the potential to transform the global philanthropic and church community in the same way that offshoring has transformed the business world. According to the Corporation for National and Community Service, the value of the donated time of faith-based volunteers in 2005 in the USA alone was $51.8 billion dollars. Because faith- based volunteers are such a valuable resource (worth more than twice the value of all US foreign aid), connecting them with communities that are most in need could bring a radical change to the world. One challenge is that currently only $3.6 to $7.8 billion of this value of faith-based volunteers goes to serve those outside of the church. If online volunteer matching were able to provide just a 10% increase in the number of faith-based volunteers serving the larger community, this would represent $5.1 billion in additional resources for developing countries. currently has over 1,200 volunteer and missions opportunity listings from over 600 Christian organizations across the world, many of which are virtual volunteer opportunities. Some sample opportunities where people can volunteer from anywhere in the world include the following:

  • Computers and Technology: providing programming, graphic design, web design or E- commerce support to organizations in Swaziland, South Africa, Lebanon, Canada or the USA.
  • Grant Writing: providing support via E-mail to orphanages in the United Kingdom, Ukraine, Kenya or Korea or the USA.
  • Language Translation: providing translation to/from Indonesian, Urdu and Chinese.
  • Accounting: Supporting a children’s organization serving Haiti as a Treasurer.
  • Administrative Support: returning phone calls, writing letters, checking E-mail, volunteer coordination across the world.
  • Women’s Ministry: answering calls and E-mails from home as a help line volunteer for women in crisis.
  • Prayer and Spiritual Support: providing prayer covering, intercession and assisting with evangelism online.

TechMission is a Christian nonprofit social service organization with over 500 member ministries serving over 50,000 people in at-risk communities and maintains,, and For more information, visit or contact Andrew Sears at (617) 359-0394.

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