Babe of the Day and Coherent Christianity…Now Just a Mouse Click Apart

MEDIA ADVISORY, Mar. 15 /Christian Newswire/ — The new Lucky Rock Online Comedy Show is a different kind of broadcast. It blends irreverent sketch comedy and commentary in a weekly conversation about politics, religion, and more. Oh, and it comes from a Christian worldview.

You may be surprised to learn that folks 18-34 listening to hard rock, alternative, and Top 40 radio webcasts are actually tuning into the Lucky Rock. In fact, many listeners are quite literally clicking through to the Lucky Rock straight from “babe of the day” pages and other raunchy web addresses.

The Lucky Rock is advertised through spoof product ads aired exclusively on secular FM stations in major U.S. markets—now in Dallas and Albuquerque, and soon to expand to Southern California, Atlanta, and elsewhere. This unique promotional strategy springs from show creator Jason Anderson’s desire to carry coherent Christianity right into the heart of the secular marketplace.

When the Apostle Paul saw the sad spiritual state of the mighty Athenians, he was provoked in spirit to reason daily in the public square. Likewise, the Lucky Rock reaches a worldwide audience tuning into hard rock and alternative web streams from top U.S. radio stations. Many of these listeners lead hopeless lives and have little access to coherent, Biblical Christianity.

Check out the Lucky Rock online at Or simply listen more closely to your favorite hard rock or alternative webcast. You just might hear an unusual perspective in a most extraordinary place.


Christian Newswire


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