EZRAWEB.COM Launches Christian Alternative Internet Radio Station

TEMECULA, Calif., Mar. 14 /Christian Newswire/ — EZRA Publications, Inc., creators of the popular Christian on-line community EZRAWEB.COM, have announced the launch of a new Christian Alternative Internet Radio Station and website.

The station, EZRAWEBRADIO.COM, boasts a cutting- edge website, 24-hour broadcast streaming and phone-in requests. “The addition of internet-based Christian radio is an exciting and vital component of our overall internet ministry,” says Craig Schneider, President and CEO. “By providing this station, we are taking yet another step in our digital outreach ministry. We are thrilled to be able to leverage these incredible technical resources to reach our youth with a positive message.”

EZRAWEBRADIO.COM broadcasts around-the-clock, CD-quality music and programming to its listeners. An additional phone-in feature, entitled ‘Z-Spot Shout- Outs’, provides a unique way for listeners to interact not only with the station, but also with their peers. “Our listeners can call in and leave a ‘shout-out’ message to their family and friends, or just be heard in their own unique way,” says Schneider. “These messages are reviewed for content, and once approved, are played during breaks in the normal broadcast.”

Existing as part of the EZRAWEB.COM on-line community since 2006, the transition to a separate web presence was a relatively easy decision for management. “Response to the station has been overwhelming,” states Schneider. “We recognized almost immediately the need to provide a separate site that could not only punctuate the fresh, vibrant feel of our Christian Alternative genre, but also offer audio- centric broadcast services to our growing community.” These services include available airtime to partner ministries, premium broadcasting and advertising opportunities, and independent Christian artist exposure. “Our company focus is strengthening the Christian community as a whole,” says Schneider. “We are giving independent artists and broadcasters the ability to be played alongside today’s top artists. These talented men and women now have a vehicle for their messages.”

The launch of EZRAWEBRADIO.COM occurs in the wake of last week’s announcement of the Copyright Royalty Board’s (CRB) decision to uphold substantial rate increases for internet broadcasters. “We are joining forces with the Digital Media Association and internet broadcasters worldwide to petition for an appeal to this unfair ruling,” states Schneider. “We are confident that an agreement will be reached that is substantially more practical and mutually beneficial than what has been proposed.”

EZRA Publications, Inc. is a privately-held corporation located in Temecula, California. Founded in 2004 by Craig A. Schneider, EZRA Publications is committed to providing a wide range of pure, wholesome internet and print-based publications and services to the Christian community.

For more information on EZRA Publications, Inc. or EZRAWEBRADIO.COM visit www.ezrawebradio.com or presspage.ezraweb.com.

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