NY Author and Prison Ministries Leader Uses Fiction to Teach Others to Overcome their Past and Live for the Future

Contact: Abigail Davidson, Publicist, WinePress Publishing, 360-802-9758, abigail@winepressgroup.com


MEDIA ADVISORY, Mar. 19 /Christian Newswire/ — Lona Smith, knows what it means for people to be haunted by their past. She is currently involved in jail ministry in
New York state teaching a Christ-centered 12-step program to inmates helping them to face the past and look forward to a new future. As a writer Lona wanted to show that God’s grace and forgiveness is for everybody any time, any place, and she gracefully weaves this message through her characters in her book “Morning Walk.”


Smith says that her book really crosses ethnic and economic barriers, as the lives of the wife of a multi-millionaire comes into contact with a poor pastor content to minister to the nobodies of society, and a bitter old man hiding out in a dilapidated old house.


How their lives intertwine with each other demonstrates the power of love and the need to overcome the past to live in the present. Those readers who long to know a parent they never knew, people with drug or alcohol addition, felons serving time in prison, and people recovering from serious accidents will relate to Lona’s characters.


Smith feels that fiction is one of the most powerful ways to touch lives because she can bring together so many important issues all within one story. For example Jessica’s life would seems to contain the glamour that everyone wants, yet for all her money there’s something missing, an emptiness that she doesn’t know how to fill. Jet setting around the world soon loses its luster and she begins finding fulfillment in her quiet morning walks.


Her character, Ben, provides a message for those she serves in prison ministry. In “Morning Walk,” Ben was an ex-convict whose life is changed dramatically in prison and he becomes a compassionate pastor, a change only possible because of forgiveness and God’s mercy. Lona’s interest in conveying that despite past circumstances, a person’s life can take on meaning at any age is conveyed with in-touch human compassion. You’re invited to take a “Morning Walk” with Jessica and discover His changing grace.



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