Lloyd’s Musings



So after my disheartened survey of the world, (yesterday's email) what 
do I think we should be about as Christians? First, recognize we are
failed sinners, now redeemed. (If Paul was chiefest, as he claimed, we 
step in next!) Then be doing all the good-deed stuff certainly: feeding

the hungry, healing the sick, visiting the prisoners. Not being 
concerned about what we'll eat or drink, or what tomorrow will bring. 
After all, we are working in a harvest field, the field is ripe, and 
that's where we should be concentrating our efforts. And 'harvesting'
not necessarily taking an offering!

Jesus last command was to go into all the world and preach the Good
to every creature. He didn't say "Spread democracy." Nor "Establish
market economies." Nor "Protect our oil interests." He said nothing 
about reforming human governments—the 'Principalities and Powers. No 
"Kick out Caesar". No "Put prayer back in the public schools." Nothing 
about WMDs or illegal immigrants or where borders should be drawn. He 
did say "Love your enemies." "Do good to those who persecute you and 
despitefully use you." He said, "Buy a sword." But then He said, "Put

If we were about all the things He told us to do, the Christian 'loaf' 
in America and everywhere else would be rising. We'd be the leaven.

Would Christians have tough times? Sure. We'd be persecuted. Scorned. 
Have our failures thrown up to us. Laughed at. Put to death.

Follow the Leader!


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