Lloyd’s Musings (from prison)

We haven’t been sharing accounts of what’s going on in the prison here for the past couple of weeks because we haven’t been there! Nita spent almost a week in the hospital, and is only slowly regaining strength—an ulcer turns out to be at least part of the problem. I’ve had a taste of what ‘home care’ is all about. We are thankful for every gain and every prayer!

I resist most pleas to forward stuff. But this one touched my heart. Our dear friends Marcae and Nick, missionaries to India, have a sweet child who is “Fragile X”. (If you’re
not familiar with it, give it a ‘Google’.)  Her care has  necessitated  dramatic changes in  Nick and Marcae’s  plans.  This morning  we received this  email from Marcae.  Please read it. Sense the passion and love with which she implores us to join her. I think the last time I did this kind of thing was when I sent John Ashcroft a letter about prisoners.


Here’s Marcae’s appeal:

President-elect Obama has promised Planned Parenthood that the first thing he would sign as President is the “The Freedom of Choice Act.”
This is incredibly dangerous legislation. It would eradicate state and federal laws that the majority of Americans support, such as bans on:  Partial Birth Abortion, requirements that women be given information about the risks of getting an abortion, only licensed physicians can perform abortions, and parents must be informed and give consent to their minor daughter’s abortion. FOCA would erase these laws and prevent states from enacting similar protective measures in the future.

It grieves my heart that this legislation is even in minds of people. I am as opposed to abortion as one can possibly be, but even for those who might feel abortion is justified in some cases, surely everyone agrees that a minor girl should not be allowed to go through this procedure without parents even being aware. The nurse at Grace’s [Marcae’s older daughter] elementary school cannot even give her a Tylenol without getting my physical presence in the room. Yet we are proposing for a child to undergo an operation without a parent’s knowledge?  This is crazy.

Life is precious, not just of the unborn child but of the mother. These lives must both be protected, nurtured, and loved. When I look at my precious daughter, Hope, and think that if the doctors had known about her condition beforehand, they would have counseled me to kill her, I feel sick to my stomach. Doctors have told us that if we want to have more children, they can test me so we can abort the children we don’t want (i.e., another child with Fragile X). I wanted to scream at these doctors. Do they even realize what they are saying about Hope’s value by comments like that! We are not supposed to judge people by the color of their skin (and I say a hearty amen to that!), but this election seems to point that it is okay to judge people (babies) by how intelligent they are, by how many appendages they have, by how much “work” they might entail . . . God forgive us for our arrogance, pride, and selfishness. Children are a blessing from the Lord, period. Period.

Please pray that God will change Obama’s heart. Please pray that FOCA will not be signed into legislation. Please pray that the body of Christ will extend arms of love and not just judgment to women who are pregnant, pray for God’s love to penetrate men and women’s hearts to reveal the beauty of the life within.

And please sign the petition.  Ask others to sign.  Write your state legislators.  Contact your local pro-life agencies and ask if you can answer phones or support women in need. 

I’ve copied the link below. I am sorry if this is not worded the best–my fingers are trembling as I type, because it just pains me to even think of one more child dying, of one more woman feeling such pain, of God’s heart breaking over his gift being rejected. God forgive me for my inaction.


P.S. It is really easy to sign and access the website.   http://www.fightfoca.com/2008/06/23/thank-you-for-signing/


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