Like Phoenix

So up from the ground we will arise and like the song by the late Solomon Burke “Don’t Give Up On Me.”  I was just thinking earlier today that I am still alive.  This after almost dying 5 years ago.  Actually, what I said back then was that I probably don’t have ten years left.  And here I am 5 years later and still capable.  So, now what to put my capability towards.  I was thinking maybe I should take a course in learning how to play the guitar.  My finger dexterity is limited so I don’t think piano will work and my breathing capacity has its limitations so that leaves out the saxophone (my ultimate desire) so, lets get started.  Now I should figure out a way to earn some money, so maybe I could learn to write.  I could also learn to use my movie camera and make some videos, and I aint even scratched the surface yet. Oh, and dig out and dust off that manuscript I’ve been writing, yea, I guess theres still some things I could do. 

As for the Blaze of Glory News Ministries I will be interviewed by none other than Sara Groves this December as she tours the south for her O Holy Night Christmas Tour.  We did this last year and I failed to write the experience down, this time I won’t forget to do so.


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